Blog #3 Connection

What Sophie experienced in this chapter sounds much like lucid dreaming. I can say that I have lucid dreamed before and in this case it has mad me feel and be different, especially right after that dream is over. The main reason I believe, like me, Sophie feels different and has changed even to her mother is that you experience things in which the outside world cannot supply. This causes a person always going through these hazy, realistic situations to think further than just about that dream, but also about other things such as what it could have meant, who are the people in the dream, and even why me? Why out of every one in my house did I have to dream this? I’ve even experienced daydreaming about what happened in my dream. Replaying thoughts of everything that was funny, scary, tormenting, and even realistic. Sometimes in my dreams like in chapter nine specific things and words will get stuck in my mind as a way of maybe telling me to look deeper, research, or watch out. So when Sophie begins to research on Plato and Aristotle and think back on question asked in her notes I don’t blame her! Unreal situations can be scary / confusing. Is there something trying to be communicated in those unreal yet real worlds?


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